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For those who have used MediaWiki for other projects or contributed to Wikipedia the layout and procedure for contributing to this project will be familiar.

  1. Register to make your contribution. Registrations are checked before being confirmed, so you will have a short wait while someone verifies your registration.
  2. Select a journal by edition or date or a page number at random. Click on the link.
  3. The image will appear on the right hand side. Click Edit to switch to edit mode.
  4. When you have finished – you can complete as much or as little as you wish – simply click on 'Save page' at the bottom of the screen. You can return to continue at any time or pick another page….
  5. It does not have to be perfect translation and indeed we expect that pages will go through a number of drafts before a final version is produced. You will be able to change and amend your version as many times as you like and save your work before submitting.
  6. We hope that many other volunteers will be contributing translations to these pages so you can compare versions.
  7. There is a space to discuss each page, from the 'Discuss page' link at the bottom or the 'Discussion' tab at the top.
  8. There is also a general Forum for contributors so please feel free to post any helpful comments or queries about the pages or the project.

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